Rental Requirements

Music Theatre Wichita Rentals has been supplying sets, costumes, backdrops, and props to theatres around the country for more than 20 years.


MTWrentals rents elements for theatrical productions. Because of staffing and warehouse capabilities, we generally rent only complete packages (all the sets, props and costumes for a show, or just the complete costume package, or just the complete set and props). We cannot rent individual costumes or properties, and we do not rent goods for non-theatrical events like costume parties, weddings etc.

• We do separately rent scenic backdrops, which are usually 55 feet wide and 26 feet high (complete portfolio of images to come soon).

• All costs associated with shipping the goods from our warehouse to your theatre, and then back to us, are your responsibility. You must arrange and pay for transportation, and those costs are not included in our rental fees. (We are happy to make suggestions for best possible transportation options.)

• Basic rental pricing for show packages is based on the assumption you will need the goods for 7-10 days of rehearsal and technical work, and then an additional 7-10 days of performances. Additional fees will be calculated for longer periods of time, or multiple venues.

• An additional deposit fee is usually required, out of which will be deducted costs for costume cleaning, and for the crew members who load and unload the trucks at our warehouse.

• Many MTWrentals show packages also carry the requirement that one of our technical directors must travel to the renting theatre to oversee the pre-show set-up and the post-show pack-out of the materials.  Transportation, salary and per diem for this individual bring additional costs for the renting organization.

• The renting company must carry sufficient insurance to cover replacement costs of goods being rented.

Our rentals staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for visiting us, and we hope we will be working with you.

Mary Sue Dymak, Rentals Director
Mitch Southerland, Rentals Technical Director
Wayne Bryan, Producing Artistic Director