A typical contract from MTW Rentals may include costs such as: 1) The base fee for the use of applicable items (i.e., an entire set-props-costumes package, or components such as sets or costumes only). 2) A deposit which is in addition to the base fee, out of which are kept fees for final cleaning/restoration of costumes and restocking of items upon return of the package. 3) A royalty fee made out to the scenic designer and/or costume designer if applicable. 4) Any fees involved in the shipping and transportation of those items, along with compensation and travel fees for a technical director (if applicable).

*Music Theatre Wichita is happy to answer all inquiries, but please be aware that we DO NOT RENT INDIVIDUAL ITEMS, other than scenic backdrops. All other items are rented only in packages – all the costumes, or all the sets and props.