Freaky Friday (Disney’s)



The Music Theatre Wichita package for FREAKY FRIDAY features a sleek and inventive design by J Branson, which is effective for either the full two-act version of the show, or the one-act edition based on the TV film. Package utilizes a series of two-sided rolling units which take the action into all the various locations required by the script. These paneled units are shifted in full view by actors in each scene, with minimal involvement of crew members in the transitions. Hard furniture is rolled into place to complete each picture. Minimal flying units augment a few scenes, but those can also be tracked onstage or pushed on, in cases where flying is not possible.

Props include two identical hourglasses; the first lights up and changes color (by remote control), and does not break apart; the second hourglass does not light up, but does break apart at the center. (The actresses must switch hourglasses as they wrestle for control of it, during the moment of the magical body-switch.) Package also includes all furniture for kitchen (including working cabinets and wedding cake on rolling table), bedroom closets, school lockers (all workable), rolling biology tables, principal’s office furniture, gymnasium equipment, small rolling automobile interior, wedding reception tables (with various floral arrangements and prop food displays), bus stop and bench, living room furniture, and various assorted hand props and set dressing for all scenes.

Contemporary costumes by Dixon Reynolds are available for all principal characters and a large cast of young singer-dancers, including matching logo T-shirts for gym class. The entire package fits into one 53′ trailer, including costumes, and the show’s easy design allows for a surprisingly swift load-in.

The Wichita production was performed against a full-stage LED screen, with projected images designed by Michael Commendatore completing the picture for all locations, including several animated sequences, most notably in the Act Two scavenger hunt around Chicago. The show can be performed without these projections, or the images can be used either as front-projected or rear-projected images. Rental of projections is licensed through us, and is separate from the rental of hard scenery.

In addition to the still photos included above, these two video montages give a good picture of how the hard scenery and projected images can be coordinated:



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