The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Based on a classical 2-story unit set design, with additional moving pieces and flying elements to denote distinct locations, this 2017 rental package includes three large-scale flying cathedral bells (made of carved foam), a spectacular “rose window” translucent drop, all necessary props, and approximately 300 costume pieces, originally created for a cast of 80. Costumes include priest robes for a 32-member onstage choir, plus a large complement of gypsies, soldiers, priests, and medieval citizens. Specific headgear and robes depict 4 gargoyles, 4 saints, and 4 noble statues. Although designed for a professional cast of adult actors, there are also supplemental costumes for teens and children (but no junior-sized costumes for leading characters).  A variety of digital projections, depicting various locations in and around Notre Dame cathedral, were featured in the original production and are also available for rental, although the basic set, props, and costumes can tell the story without them. The entire production (set s by J Branson, projections by Timothy Babb, costumes by George T. Mitchell) is available in different configurations. (No projection equipment included.)Hunchback-3Hunchback-1 Hunchback-5 Hunchback-6 Hunchback-7 Hunchback-8 Hunchback-9 Hunchback-10 Hunchback-11
Hunchback-13 Hunchback-14Hunchback-2Hunchback-15 Hunchback-16Hunchback-17Hunchback-18Hunchback-19Hunchback-20Hunchback-21hb22hb23


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