Nice Work If You Can Get It

The National Tour set (originally designed by Derek McLane and adapted for touring by Shoko Kambara) and the original Broadway costumes (by Tony winner Martin Pakledinaz) have been acquired by Ogunquit Playhouse / Gateway Playhouse and are being stored, maintained, and managed by Music Theatre Wichita. This beautiful Art Deco design allows for all the required locations (interior and exterior of Long Island Estate, including living room, bedroom, bathroom, and terrace; interior and exterior of Speakeasy; boathouse), and can be adapted to play larger or smaller venues. (Note: Large living room staircase not available.) A variety of stunning costumes (further augmented by Dixon Reynolds) are available for the 10 leading players and the 12 ensemble members (6 women, 6 men). Entire package ships in two 53-ft. trucks, including costumes. Please check our Technical Specs page to assure that our sets will fit your venue. Click images for a larger view. Thanks!


And click here for a closeup of some of our beautiful costumes.

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