Mamma Mia!


Full production created in 2016, with sets by J Branson and costumes by Dixon Reynolds, designed to evoke the physical beauty of the Greek islands in 1999, and the architecture of a taverna, as seen from many viewpoints (outside front of building, on sides of structure, in central courtyard, alongside beach, and in Donna’s bedroom). Scene design includes two full-stage drops and two mylar rain curtains. The sets/props/backdrops package ships in one large 53′ trailer. Costumes for up to 34 cast members ship separately. Various looks include day wear and party wear for all principals and ensemble, plus flashy disco wear for three leading ladies (in color for Act I, white/silver for finale) and three leading men (white/silver). Entire ensemble also has white/silver finale costumes. Wet suits and flippers included for Sky and all ensemble men, plus varieties of swim wear for entire ensemble. “Nightmare” sequence at top of Act II is designed as “Greek tragedy” dream, with dramatic masks and Greek togas for men and women ensemble. Contact us for pricing, package details, and availability. Please check our Technical Specs page to assure that our sets will fit your venue. Click images for a larger view. Thanks!

3-panel-bannerShow MAMMA001

MAMMA006 MAMMA007 311

MAMMA009 MAMMA0010 MAMMA0011 MAMMA0012953 993 1033 MAMMA00151347 MAMMA0017 MAMMA0018 MAMMA0019 MAMMA0020 MAMMA0021 MAMMA0022 MAMMA0023 MAMMA0024 MAMMA0025 MAMMA0026

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