Phantom (Kopit-Yeston version)

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Built in 1993, updated in 2005. Lavish drops, all costumes included. Scenic design by XuZheng He, costumes by B. Modern. **Be sure to read the note by Wayne Bryan (at the end of this post) regarding the differences between this production and Phantom of the Opera. Contact us for pricing, package details, and availability. Please check our Technical Specs page to assure that our sets will fit your venue. Thanks!

Differences between PHANTOM versions: (an explanation by Producing Artistic Director Wayne Bryan)

Quite a few organizations are now doing the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, which is now being licensed to schools, but not to professional theatres.

At MTWrentals, we have scenery for the show PHANTOM, as written by Arthur Kopit and Maury Yeston. There are some similar locations between this version of the story and the Andrew Lloyd Webber version, but there are many key differences.

Similar elements:

There is an exterior shot of the Paris Opera house that could be useful.

There are several variations of the interior, onstage areas of the Paris Opera House and its corridors.

There is a lovely drop of the interior of the Opera House, as seen from onstage, looking out at the audience, and there is a chandelier that we see drop in the distance, into the auditorium. It is much smaller in scale than the one used in the Lloyd Webber version, since the chandelier dropping takes place in the distance, not over the actual audience in your theatre.

There is a dressing room for Christine, with a mirror that becomes transparent when the Phantom arrives.

There is a set representing the managers’ offices (where “Prima Donna” is sung in the ALW version).

The Phantom’s underground lair has several rows of electrically lighted candelabras which glide on, as well as a big gondola in which the Phantom and Christine travel. There is a spooky fourposter bed to place Christine in. This set is not as ornate as the location usually seen in “Music of the Night” but it would work. However, there is no pipe organ or other keyboard in this location, in this version.

Things that are missing:

There are many locations called for in the Lloyd Webber version that do not exist in this version.

The opening “Hannibal” set; the Masquerade ball, the rooftop where Raoul and Christine are overheard by the Phantom; the ornate angel in which the Phantom hides; the graveyard; the “Don Juan Triumphant” set; the gates to which Raoul is tied; etc.

There is a rich set of costumes which would generally match the needs of the ALW version, but there are no “Masquerade” costumes for the principals or the ensemble. There are no costumes for the “Hannibal” and “Don Juan Triumphant” operas.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks for your interest.

-Wayne Bryan

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