Catch Me If You Can

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Catch Me If You Can Music Theatre Wichita

Catch Me If You Can features dozens of colorful costumes by Dixon Reynolds. Vividly period-appropriate, they include showgirls and chorus boys, stewardesses and pilots, nurses and doctors, “Sing Along with Mitch” singer-dancers, FBI men, a Southern family, New York commuters, and three “Vanna White” type TV hostesses. The costume package was created for a larger cast than was used on Broadway (with approximately 12 ensemble women and 16 ensemble men in addition to the principals).

Projections are also available, designed by Robert A. Kovach The collection of rear-projected images evoke the 1960s time period, and depict a wide range of locations, including homes, apartments, hotel rooms, and the FBI office, as well as specific 1960s TV show images. Other visuals depict less literal imagery, reflecting the emotions of the central characters.

Projection equipment is not included. Contact us for pricing, package details, and availability. CATCH002 CATCH003 CATCH004 CATCH005 CATCH006 CATCH007 CATCH008 CATCH009 CATCH010 CATCH011 CATCH012 CATCH013 CATCH014 CATCH015 CATCH016 CATCH017 CATCH018 CATCH019 CATCH020 CATCH021 CATCH022 CATCH023 CATCH024 CATCH025 CATCH026 CATCH027 CATCH028 CATCH030 CATCH031 CATCH032 CATCH033 CATCH034 CATCH035 CATCH036 CATCH037 CATCH038 CATCH039 Catch Me If You Can Music Theatre Wichita

Photo Credits: Jerry Fritchman and Christopher Clark
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