Les Miserables

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Built in 2008 (and refurbished in 2013) for 44′ wide by 22′ high proscenium opening. No turntable; traditional ‘wing and drop’ design (hard pieces). Barricade designed to track into position. Full stage drops are 54′ wide by 26′ tall. Must have fly system with grid height of 60′. Props do NOT include weapons. Costumes for traditionally sized cast plus extra ‘peasants.’ Component rental (i.e. set, props only or costumes only) available but not individual pieces. Packs into two trucks for shipment. Contact us for pricing, package details, and availability. Scenic design by Bruce Brockman, costume design by Debbie Roberts. Please check our Technical Specs page to assure that our sets will fit your venue. Click images below for larger versions. Thanks!

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Sun, Aug. 03, 2008
Wichita Eagle

‘Les Miserables’ a stirring finale to MTW’s season
Performers, orchestra contribute to making this musical one of Music Theatre’s finest.

Wichita Eagle correspondent

Music Theatre of Wichita’s summer finale, “Les Miserables,” is a soul-stirring, goosebump-inducing spectacle that ranks with the best versions I’ve seen on Broadway or London and just may be the best production in MTW’s 37-year history.

Boublil and Schoenberg’s 1985 masterwork, based on the 1842 novel by Victor Hugo about an ill-fated student rebellion in 19th century Paris, has the grandeur and import of opera but the approachability of Broadway. You don’t just see this show, you experience it….

Director Joe Locarro and set designer Bruce Brockman have reinvented the look with a dark, moody street set that proves versatile enough to go from dusty slum to rowdy tavern to elegant wedding to even the drippy Paris sewers — all thanks to clever lighting design by David Neville, who makes good use of a blue back spotlight for individuals to define their various little spheres of influence.

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