We have all costumes, props, backdrops, and other select items available from our 2010 production of CURTAINS (set by J Branson, costumes by Debbie Roberts). The full costume package rents for $10,000 and ships out in four wardrobe containers. Backdrops may be rented individually or as a package.

In addition to all the backdrops, certain set pieces (like the riverboat) are also available. See photos below, and contact Mary Sue Dymak at Music Theatre of Wichita for more information and pricing. For a review of the show itself, click here. Please check our Technical Specs page to assure that our backdrops will fit your venue. Thanks!

Show drop

Red show curtain included with sets

Many of the photos on our website are courtesy of several prized photographers who’ve helped our cause over the last 40 years. Included are Jerry Fritchman, Christopher Clark, Don Siedhoff, SquidInk Creative, and Paul Chauncey.

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2 Responses to Curtains

  1. mikey says:

    Hi John,
    Unfortunately we do not rent individual pieces from our sets. We do offer component packages (sets, props, costumes, etc.) but rarely break up a package unless the show has been around for some time and its popularity lessened somewhat (which is not the case with Curtains).

    We appreciate the thought though. Please keep us in mind for future productions. And best of luck with your show!


  2. John Atteberry says:

    My school, Thomas Jeffeson Independent Day School in Joplin, MO is performing Curtains on April 15-16 and we are interested in a few of your pieces. Do you rent individual pieces?

    Thank you

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