The Little Mermaid (Disney’s)

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This is a beautifully designed, critically acclaimed all-inclusive package of sets, props, costumes, and backdrops, with set design by J Branson, and costume design by Leon Dobkowski. Originally created in 2011, the scenery was completely refurbished in 2018, with a few slight alterations to accommodate the revised final script. Also in 2018, the wardrobe was completely overhauled, including several additional new designs, with almost all of the costumes being completely rebuilt from scratch, utilizing newer, optimally resilient fabrics. All the designs for the characters’ costumes and for the evocative sets were inspired by the animated film, but are wholly original in execution. Package includes drops and scrims (55′ wide x 26′ high), designed for speedy transitions and somewhat flexible stage sizes. Costumes for cast of around 50, including several children. (Costumes do NOT follow Broadway designs, which required roller-blade “heelies” for underwater characters, nor are they specifically rigged for flying, although provisions have been made for lead characters’ costumes to be augmented if flying is desired.) Contact us for pricing, package details, and availability. Please check our Technical Specs page to assure that our sets will fit your venue. Additional packages of sound effects, magic transformation video, and water-effect projections also available. Entire package fits in two 53′ trailers.

For additional costumes photos for The Little Mermaid, click the image below.

We produced an educational KIDSBILL program that we handed out during our special needs performance in 2011. For a link to that PDF file, click here. Thanks for looking!

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