Beauty and the Beast (Disney’s)

MTWRentals very much looks forward to working with you. Before actively pursuing a rental, please click on our Rental Requirements page. Additional fees apply for transportation, shipping, packing, designer royalties and cleaning. Details provided upon request. Thanks!

Sets, props and costumes originally created in 2004 and completely rebuilt and refurbished in 2016. Beautifully designed, critically acclaimed all-inclusive package of sets, props, costumes, sound effects, and all magical illusions, available as a complete package or in component packages (all sets and props, or all costumes). Colorful costumes and evocative sets strongly based on animated film. Includes 18 drops and scrims (55′ wide x 26′ high), designed for speedy transitions and flexible stage sizes. Costumes for cast of around 40, including several children. Set design by J Branson, costume design by Tiia E. Torchia. Contact us for pricing, package details, and availability. Please check our Rental Requirements page to assure that our sets will fit your venue. Thanks!


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